A Balanced Approach for a Balanced Dog

If you’re tired of companies promising you miracle results or all positive, treat based, training, then I’m the right fit for you.  My goal as a professional dog training expert is to educate and empower you through down-to-earth conversation and hands-on exercises so that you, the owner, can build the best relationship with your dog.

Communication Is The Key

Communication is the key to a strong relationship between any owner and any dog.  I will help you build that communication bridge.

Different trainers offer different methods, but communication is always the key.  Over the past 10 years and 1,400 dogs, it’s rare for me to treat two dogs in the same manner.  That’s because I believe that each dog and each family deserves my individual attention and deserves to come up with an individual strategy for their dog.

Not Just One Method

Many trainers have one or two methods and more-and-more of those methods rely highly on food based rewards with little or no effort to move away from them.  However, I believe that the relationship that you have with your dog should be based on you and your communication rather than the bribe you have in your pocket.  Don’t get me wrong, food serves a purpose in training, it would be irresponsible of me not to acknowledge that, we just need to find the right balance.

I work hard to ensure that the techniques that I use are the same ones used by some of the best trainers and behaviorists around the world.  These techniques have been proven successful with world titles in dog sports, obedience and agility as well as being used with utility dog training (such as Seeing Eye dogs, therapy dogs and even police/security dogs).

At AKA, I am proud to be educated and able to use any of the following methods:

  • Operant Conditioning
  • Classical Conditioning
  • Behaviour Threshold Training
  • Clicker Training
  • Lure/Reward Training
  • Observational Learning / Modelling

All Positive Training

Understandably, based on my balanced approach to training, the only thing that I can not claim to be, is an all positive trainer.  I have worked with hundreds of dogs that other trainers have suggested being euthanized because their one method is not working.  Historically, there has been abuse to dogs in efforts to train, so it is a good that we ten to focus on all positive methods; however, an experienced trainer should be able to educate family members on how to say the world “no” to their dog without abuse and without treats,

All Positive Training Doesn’t Always Work

There are many good trainers in the country; however, it is only the best ones that fully understand the use of all aspects of communication to help modify the behaviour of a dog.  There was a great clip on “Modern Family” a few years back where a man had come up with a dog training device that rewarded a good dog with a high value treat and a bad dog with a lower value treat.  Although this was done in a comical way, it very clearly illustrated the importance for owners to understand that it is okay to say the word “no” – just like teaching a child.

Right Tools For The Job

Because I don’t have one approach, I don’t have one set of tools.  I’ve worked with all sorts of families, dogs and tools from harnesses and treats to pinch and electronic collars.  I’m happy to discuss the tools that you are most comfortable with while we discuss the scientific strategies at the same time.  From there, we can come up with a plan of action that the family is happy to move forward with and begin moving towards your goals.

Book Today With No Risk

As always – there is no commitment and no risk to reach out today with any questions or to go through an initial interview process.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions whether you are in need of services or not.

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