It’s better than a regular money back guarantee; you could earn money just for trying me out.  Not only do I offer a zero risk 100% guarantee to get started with my training programs; I will also pay you for your time and feedback.

No Risk, No Commitment and I’ll Pay You For Your Time

Many dog training companies offer some type of results based guarantee; however, that is against a common code of ethics among dog trainers because we are working with living animals in the role of a teacher and therapist, so there is no way to properly guarantee results, no matter how confident you are.  My challenge, was to come up with an ethical guarantee that would allow customers to try my services, risk free and with no commitments.

Ongoing Support

All of our programs come with ongoing support for you, your family members and the dog(s) that we work with.  See our Ongoing Support Promise for more details.  Each of our programs begin with an initial consultation discussion to go over the science behind the various methods and to help families decide on the best path to move forward.  However, if you are not happy with this discussion, if you do not learn anything or if you are not satisfied with the suggestions and direction, I will refund the full cost of this session as well as any payments towards future sessions.

Earn Money For Your Time

Once a full refund has been requested, I will supply you with a link where you can request a $10 gift certificate (to keep our accountant happy).  Here, you will have the option to choose from one of several local and national store chains while giving feedback on the programs and what you would like to see changed in the future.

The Fine Print

  • A full refund will be offered to any unhappy client after booking, confirming, paying for and completing the online interview and subsequent initial consultation
  • This refund will void any future support or ongoing work scheduled between us
  • A $10 gift certificate will be offered to any client who receives a full refund and completes a small survey designed to help me improve AKA K9 and our services
  • Gift certificates may be selected for one of the following stores: Best Buy, Walmart, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Shell Gas, Petro-Can, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, A&W or Wendy’s.

Start Today

So, there’s no risk, no commitments and no reason not to start right away.  Contact me today to setup a time to chat about any questions or to setup a starting point.

100% Free Consultation, No Commitments, No Delays, No Risks, No Reason To Wait!


Obedience and Behaviour

I am happy to offer private, semi-private and board-and-train programs for dogs of all ages.  Click here to view a full breakdown of my new program layouts.


Training Beliefs and Methods

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.


Education, Experience and Testimonials

I have over 1,500 happy customers and dozens of positive reviews as a Certified Master Trainer working in all aspects of dog behaviour and training.


Resources for Dog Owners

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.