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AKA K9 is a BC registered corporation offering risk free dog training and rehabilitation backed by more than 10 years’ of experience specializing in dog behaviour modification using balanced training methods with a focus on positive reinforcement.

If you’ve stumbled onto this page, you must be doing your research and looking for more information about AKA K9 as a company.  If you would like to see our testimonials, learn more about my methods or read more about me as a trainer, please see those pages for more details.

Where It All Started

After years of volunteering, shadowing and learning from industry experts, I first began AKA K9 in 2007 as a small family business named after each of our family members: Adam, Anne and Koda (our initial inspiration).  The name AKA K9 was a great fit for a brand focused on the real aspects of working dog training: detection, tracking and personal protection.  However, by 2008, AKA was already on the way to becoming one of BC’s most successful dog training companies with a focus on behaviour modification for dogs of all sizes showing fear and aggression and it was incorporated as AKA Pets Ltd. in 2009.

Our First Dog Training Facility

By 2011 after consistent growth in the dog training industry, AKA K9 opened a dog centre in Fort Langley servicing all of British Columbia and welcoming dogs in for training from around North America.  Over the subsequent 6 years, AKA K9 was effective in training and rehabilitating over 1,400 dogs from puppies to those on death row and was referred to by experts from around the province in vet offices, kennels and even other trainers.

Back To Basics

In 2017 the dog centre portion of the business was taken over by Fort Dog Centre, allowing us to get back to our grass roots of training and rehabilitating dogs with just a few families at a time.  Now, AKA K9 remains an insured, registered and responsible BC based business dedicated to our clients and their families and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that our family becomes a part of your family as we work together to raise your perfect dog.

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Today, we have several options to choose from to start working with us and we remain one of the most experienced training and behaviour modification companies in the province.  With our confidence and experience we are able to offer a 100% guarantee that is completely ethical and in line with dog training company best practices as well as a NO RISK and no cost startup process.  There is no commitment at all, click here to get started today.

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Obedience and Behaviour

I am happy to offer private, semi-private and board-and-train programs for dogs of all ages.  Click here to view a full breakdown of my new program layouts.


Training Beliefs and Methods

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.


Education, Experience and Testimonials

I have over 1,500 happy customers and dozens of positive reviews as a Certified Master Trainer working in all aspects of dog behaviour and training.


Resources for Dog Owners

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.