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Are you looking for a dog professional that is educated, experienced, passionate and successful?

I am a professional certified Master Dog Trainer with the experience of successfully working with over 900 families and 1,400 dogs in the past 10 years.

You’re here doing your homework to find the right dog professional to work with your family – it’s the best first step that you can take!  Below is some information specific to me, but you can also read more information about AKA K9 and our history as well as my training beliefs and methods.

Basic Beliefs

To summarize: I believe in a balanced training method to help families improve the life of their dogs.  In my professional life, I have been an award winning professional lacrosse coach and a top rated senior consultant/trainer for a Fortune 50 company before becoming a top rated Master Dog Trainer.  I’m passionate in every sense about helping your family and working with your dog(s).  I’m passionate, experienced, educated and very thankful that I’ve been very fortunate to have great success in following this dream.

Where It Started

In 2007 after years of learning behind professional working dog trainers, I began my career as a dog trainer by receiving one of my two certifications from the Canada West Canine Centre.  In the years that followed, I continued my efforts in expanding on my education and earned the designation of a Master Dog Trainer focusing on behaviour modification for real world situations and high level training for police level working dogs.

Positive Experiences

I believe that dog training is essential to all human-dog relationships.  It is the foundation of respect and it is the perfect way to build on a dog’s mind and body.  However, this is no fun if it is not a positive experience for the owners and the dogs.  I focus on the relationship and communication methods between owners and their dog(s) using modern techniques of calm, positive energy; typically without the need for treats, clickers, gimmicks or bribes.

Book Today

There are hundreds of dog trainers in BC alone and thousands across North America and it’s great that you are here doing research to find the best fit for your family.  There are absolutely NO RISKS to get started with me.  There is no commitment needed and no money needed; plus, I’m happy to offer our completely ethical 100% guarantee.

There’s no risk, contact me today with any questions or to book a time to meet and discuss your goals.

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Obedience and Behaviour

I am happy to offer private, semi-private and board-and-train programs for dogs of all ages.  Click here to view a full breakdown of my new program layouts.


Training Beliefs and Methods

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.


Education, Experience and Testimonials

I have over 1,500 happy customers and dozens of positive reviews as a Certified Master Trainer working in all aspects of dog behaviour and training.


Resources for Dog Owners

Behaviour modification and obedience training programs customized for each family and built around experience, feedback and results.