Over 1500 happy customers
10+ years of experience
Certified Master Trainer
Expert in behaviour modification
A CUSTOMIZED BALANCED APPROACH FOR EACH FAMILY Puppies, Elders, Playful, Reactive, Aggressive, Obedience, Tracking, Protection... I've trained it all! Effective, fair and positive methods based on experience, results and feedback

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We are currently only working with a small number of existing clients. 

We appreciate your continued support and will be back in the community soon to help as many families as possible.


There are hundreds of dog trainers of all levels that can be found within your community, city, province and country.  Many have great ideas – the most important thing is to find one that has a good reputation, a good level of success and is the right fit for your family.

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We'll Be Back Soon

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My name is Adam Smith. I am a professional certified trainer with a Master Trainer distinction, 10 years of dog training and rehabilitation experience and over 1500 happy dog customers to go along with 30 years of coaching youth sports and 10 years of corporate training/consulting. I’ve dedicated my life to helping those around me succeed in a positive manner and with a great outcome.

I believe that all training experiences should be tailored to the family and the dog that I am working with. Because of this belief, I don’t have a particular “way” that I train.

We can typically begin working together right away; however, it is irresponsible and impossible for any trainer to give any broad timelines of success without first meeting you, your family and your dog.

First, there are no commitments to any of our services. If you are ever unhappy with anything that we are doing, you can stop at anytime. There is also no fee to get started, no risks, no commitments and no hassles if you choose to go elsewhere.

You can get started today by completing the online form at the bottom of this webpage. Then, I will reach out to contact you and we can begin.

Typically, the communication is started with this phone discussion followed up by an online profile to allow me to get to know you a little better before suggesting the next steps.

It unethical and against a dog trainer’s code of conduct to offer a guarantee. It is a poor and misleading marketing promise and is unfair to all parties involved.

If you are not happy with any work that we do together, I will do everything possible to make it right. I will spend more time, more visits, more phone calls, more emails, etc. I don’t charge for most of my follow-up work and I continue to offer my full free support to all past customers.

I am located on the border of Langley and Surrey in British Columbia (BC), Canada. I am happy to travel for in home private session work across the nation and have had dogs come to me from as far away as Nova Scotia, Canada. I have also worked with dogs from Washington, USA and have even answered questions for clients in Australia.Now, with the introduction of our DIYBT program, owners from all around the world are able to work with us in a “do it yourself” way while still getting the benefits of a Board-and-Train program.